In our goodwill to mobilize support for the funeral of the late Rev. Dr. T. B. Dankwa, GHAFES has set up this digital platform to enable members within the GHAFES fraternity to send in their contributions. 

NB: This platform does not seek to replace any avenue put in place by the family to receive donations.

Thank you for your willingness and generosity towards the late Rev. Dr. TB Dankwa’s funeral.


MOBILE MONEY (On All Networks)

  1. Dial *887*7878# (on all networks)
  2. Select an Option item
  3. Enter Amount
  4. Enter Reference (Reference is a description to identify the donation etc.)
  5. Select How Often you want to donate (Selecting Weekly, Monthly are for the Recurring donations; deductions will be made from the member’s wallet). 
  6. Enter PIN (for the first-time user on the who selects Weekly, Monthly. The user will need to keep this PIN safe.)
  7. Authorize donation by accepting Prompt…

Click this link to visit a page where you can securely enter your debit/credit card details to complete the payment to the dedicated account for Rev. Dr. TB Dakwa’s funeral.

We are sincerely grateful for your support.

God bless you richly!