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Sunday, 20th February, 2022 marked the 78th birthday of Uncle TB. Beth & I had the privilege to join in fellowship at his hospital bedside along with Isaac Newton(National Director, GHAFES), John Ansah(National Director, Navigators) and Rev. Julius Coomson(Pastor, Legon Interdenominational Church). We were representing the Lausanne Ghana Issachar Initiative of younger leaders. As we shared in singing choruses and prayer with Uncle TB, Mama Virginia, family & friends, my heart was deeply stirred by the impact the life and leadership of Uncle TB had made on generations – across the Church  and continent in God’s mission! As we entered we met a generation of evangeical leaders older than us, and also mentored by Uncle TB: Rev. Emmanuel Ahlijah, Auntie Affy Adeleye and Apostle Jude. Uncle TB was sick and weak, but everyone shared the spirit of gratitude, and evident sense of joyful hope in Christ! I personally worship at Uncle TB’s homecall, and not weep. I rejoice over his life of witness and not weakness. His testing is ended, his testimonies abound! His life was a silent one, why are so many shouting their stories of impact? His simple Christ-following servant life and leadership etched the deep marks of Christ on each of us! Uncle TBs homecall is a fresh calling to us all in faithful Christian love, living and leadership. From a Lausanne perspective, I’ve always looked to him as “Ghana’s Uncle John Stott”. He was at Lausanne ’74, he was the lead mentor along with Rev. Kofi Owusu and Rev.Dr. Steve Asante who took us as younger leaders to the Lausanne West Africa Gathering, Abuja 2008. Even till when the Lord called him, he served as the Senior mentor for the Lausanne Ghana Issachar Initiative. He lived H.I.S Lifestyle…in humility, integrity and simplicity….here is Uncle TB – servant of Christ, faithful to the gospel! @NYOA, tribute on behalf of Lausanne Ghana Younger Leaders| Issachar Initiative

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  1. Daddy TB was a great but humble man. He mentored me in my teen years, I stayed with them for a period of time. He gave his all with so much love. He sent messages each year on my birthday and wedding anniversary. Such a loving man. I will not weep but thank God for this wonderful gift. Rest well daddy in your new home with the Lord.

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