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I had fallen in love and ready to say I do. My fiancé asked that we go meet his pastor so we start counselling and plan the journey leading to marriage. That is how I met Rev Dr T.B. Dankwa. He was a very warm, empathic man and right away he struck me as one who had your interest at heart that went beyond his job. I had initially thought the counselling sessions were going to be talk sessions, but it went beyond that with study sessions and lessons accompanied with assignments and all.  We fostered a deep bond with him within those 3 months which got strengthened when he subsequently became my pastor and has lasted these 22 years. His first practical sermon he gave me was after the counselling session, when the 2 sets of pastors needed to agree to plan the wedding. That interaction left me in awe of him. He taught me a practical lesson in humility no sermon from a pulpit could have taught me. He was so down to earth and so nonjudgmental, you felt so comfortable to talk to him and you didn’t need an appointment to do so too. Several times I will just walk up to him and blurt “Osofo I need counsel” and he will be all ears; listening, guiding and advising. He was also one who believed in mentoring and grooming the next generation. He encouraged the small steps and motivated you to do more while guiding and correcting in love. He was a pastor’s pastor and has been a strong pillar for me and my family all these years. From naming ceremonies, celebrations, birthdays etc. Uncle T.B will always have a prayer and a word of encouragement for you on every birthday and anniversary. I have always teased Kwaku that Uncle TB was the reason he remembered our wedding anniversary every year. He will always have a blessing for us every year without fail and I hope I get to be proved wrong next week because for the first time in 22 years Uncle T.B. won’t be around. Uncle T.B. I will always thank God for your life and for your example in Christlike humility. Thank you for being not only our pastor but our father too. Though you preached some truly great sermons, your life and great example preached so powerfully to lots of us. Rest well servant of the most High God. You truly labored in your master’s vineyard. You spent and was truly spent. We will miss you. Love you Loads.

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