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Listening to the piece by G. R. A. Butler on HEAVEN in Fanti Language, rendered by Gospel Melodies at the funeral of 91-year-old Mr Augustine Dartey Asamoah at the Anglican Church at Mampong Akuapem on Saturday 26 March, 2022, I could not help but visualize in my mind the presence of Brother TB among the galant soldiers that the song writer describes in his beautiful captivating song, welcoming the saints to the holy place. A place, as painted by Butler where, beholding the face of the Almighty with songs, it is just going to be just glorious. He asks ” Is there anyone who does not want to go there? The new Jerusalem?”

Those who answer “No” are those who have had no foretaste, the people whom Brother TB spent his life preaching to and encouraging many more to expound The Word to for their eyes to be opened and thus delivered from Hell fire.

Working alongside Rev Gottfried Osei-Mensah in Ghana Inter-University Christian Fellowship (GIUCF) and then later serving as Travelling Secretary of Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students (GHAFES), his presence and delivery of sermons was one of quiet persuasion. Noting that I had graduated in BSc Admin (Accounting), he proposed I serve as assistant to Brother James Binka who was Treasurer of the Board of GHAFES (then called SAC (Senior Advisory Council)). James Binka was a chemist and hence was to be excused if he missed some of the nitty gritty issues and deadlines that are involved in the work of Treasurer. I thus had occasion to put my knowledge to work in assisting him, later ending up as substantive Treasurer, and then much later as Chairman of SAC.

TB’s open- handedness was at work when, desirous to make an extended week-end trip to London from The Netherlands in 1980 where I was studying and wondering where I could spend those days, he gladly offered me accommodation at his flat. My friend Alex Darko rivalled his offer and gave me room. When later I visited TB and in conversation enquired from him how he was going to accommodate me, looking at his relatively small place, he pointed me to his long arm chair which he said had served many important personalities. That was great fun, and a testimony of a willingness to share, no matter how limited the resource was.

His sense of humour was perhaps only apparent to those who were a little closer to him. It was great. His knowledge and sharing of The Word is known to us all. He is not only resting from his labours. The thousands from all walks of life that will hail him on That Day will be tremendous. Great joy, such as the songwriter puts it so beautifully, with matching music, will be our lot when we meet out there.

Brother TB, rest peacefully in our Lord’s bosom until we meet again.

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