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It is heavy hearts that we say our collective fare well and may you rest in peace goodbye to our dearly loved Rev. Dr TB Dankwa, aka TB. TB was a man who was well known and loved throughout the Evangelical Christian Fellowship of our generation. TB was a people’s person who touched many people’s lives. TB was caring and found it important to maintain contacts with those he knew as well as reconnecting people together. One small incident comes to mind. TB was on a trip to the UK in 1994 and he came to visit us in the Midlands. The  name of David Troko (Dr David Troko then), came up in conversation. That name made me remember that Joyce had told me that she met a gentleman called David  Troko at a Youth For Christ conference in Liberia in 1971.  TB wanted to see David and Velma Troko on that trip. They lived just a few miles away from us.   We went over to see the Trokos. This turned out to be a joyful reconnection for David and Joyce. May he rest in peace. Kwasi and Joyce Okanta-Ofori        

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