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Rev Dr TB Dankwa was a truly humble unassuming gentleman. Some prefixed TB with Pastor, Brother or, by many, Uncle. To us, he was forever the affectionate Uncle TB even though he was the pastor of the church we attended at Korle-bu. The impact he made on the Christian communities in Ghana in particular and Anglophone Africa in general was enormous. He did not seek the limelight, but when it came, he acquitted himself with dignity and integrity. His smile was calming and disarming. He was a man of few words, soft-spoken but firm. Uncle TB was a wise gifted communicator, a real teacher. It was a pleasure to sit under his teaching in Accra Chapel for many years. One of his most memorable quotes was “if parenting doesn’t bring you to your knees in prayer, it is unlikely anything else will”. It is a quote that came to mind often and reassured me whenever I (Abena) found parenting a challenge. In dealing with temptation and permissiveness he would often admonish that ‘you cannot stop the bird from perching on your head, but you can stop it from building its nest’. There were other aspects of him apart from being a Pastor. He was up to date with the latest developments in Information Technology. I remember he was the first to explain what email was to me (Victor) in the early 90s. A few weeks ago, a muslin colleague of mine (Abena) at work informed me Ramadan had started.  I thought “of course! Uncle TB is no more. If he had been I would have been aware Ramadan was about to start”. Over the last few years, he would connect with a group of us by WhatsApp during Ramadan to pray daily for various groups of Muslims. In his absence, this had not happened. Uncle TB has left his mark. He has laboured in the Lord’s vineyard and in the last few years, with ill-health. But we can sing: ‘Now the labourer’s task is over, now the battle day is past, now upon the farther shore, lands the voyager at last. There the tears of earth are dried, there its hidden things are clear, there the work of life is tried by a juster judge than here. There, the penitents, that turn to the cross their dying eyes, all the love of Jesus learn at his feet in Paradise. Father, in thy gracious keeping, leave we now thy servant sleeping. A-men’. Uncle TB, you are now asleep and at rest with your Lord. We shall meet at the resurrection. Da Yie.

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