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We first met at Accra Chapel as it was known then, when the services were held at NTC. I was visiting a friend who invited me to church. After a few visits he knew my name and  took an interest in my life and everyone in it – my daughter, family, work, etc. That was the man I got to know then as Reverend TB Danquah. We kept in constant touch – and he was the more regular communicator, a special gift he shared with many. He always seemed to ‘know’ when things were not going right and he would reach out. Every phone call ended with a prayer. Uncle TB (that was who he had become to me and to many)was a man of constant and consistent prayer. Whenever I was going through trials of a professional or personal nature, he was my refuge. In a particularly difficult period, we met every Sunday to pray together with Auntie Virginia. Her words were few but carried deep warmth and wisdom. For many years we met to share and pray and I learned to pray for Christians all over the world who were undergoing persecution. This year I missed the Ramadan prayers he shared every year. Through those prayers I learned how much Christians were suffering in Ghana and around the world. I am eternally grateful for the selfless love shown to me and my family over decades by Uncle TB and Auntie Virginia. I can never forget that and I will always be grateful for the many lessons I learned at your feet Uncle – especially how to pray in all things and for all people. Thank you Uncle TB. Your passing leaves an ‘unfillable’ vacuum for Auntie Virginia, your children and grandchildren as well as the many for whom you were a spiritual pillar, teacher and prayer warrior. May the Lord receive your soul and give you your well deserved eternal rest. Da yiye Uncle.

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  1. TO: REV. DR. T. B. DANKWA
    When the day of toil is done,
    When the race of life is run ,
    Father, grant Thy wearied one
    Rest for evermore. (MHB 975 v.1)
    “UNCLE TB” as he was affectionately known and called among Christian circles or community was an influencer and encourager to many a believer for Christ.
    A lot of glowing tributes have already been shared about the yeomanry work he has done for the Kingdom of God here on earth, reflecting the true light and life as as ambassador of Christ in almost all the tertiary institutions in Ghana and worldwide through the activities of GHAFES and IFES.
    Having scanned through all the wonderful tributes already pouring in online to the memory of the excellent labours of a Colossal of Uncle TB’s stature, in the Lord’s vineyard, one other good work he did which we shouldn’t gloss over as men even though his Lord and Maker will forever remember is that Uncle TB and his wife were the instruments like Acqila and Priscilla that God used to initiate, introduce and promote the work of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) into Ghana. Through their initiative and hardwork, the Pilot Class of BSF in Accra, Ghana started in 1992 Having been members of this global in-depth interdenominational Bible classes for all people of all ages seeking to produce a passionate commitment to Christ and His Word and His Church. They were Bsfers in Nairobi, Kenya and when they returned to Ghana they requested the BSF Headquarters and began the prayer group that met in their home and also at the Korle Bu Community Chapel (KBCC), when he was then the Pastor in charge. He remained a committed member of the BSF Accra Evening Men’s Class and had been our mentor and unofficial patron and continued to meet with the Satellite Discussion Group (SDG) at East Legon until his glorious home call.
    We salute you Uncle TB for your steadfast devotion and exemplary commitment to the Lord and His people. We’ll done, Uncle TB! We will continually remember before our God and Father and be further encouraged by your work that you produced by your faith, your labour prompted by your love and your endurance inspired by your hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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