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Rev Dr T B was a special gift to all who cherished the Lord and came in contact with him. He touches everyone who listens to him, whether preaching , counselling , teaching or simply joining in in a conversation. For those of us who got to know him and worshipped with him over the years in KBCC, Pastor TB encouraged, motivated, shared our joys and moments of sadness, taught us to pray at all times irrespective of the challenges we face. He will call, remind us of our birthdays , find out how we are faring regularly. He supported us in any further educational venture we undertook and was a constant visitor to our homes. He will use the “footprints” of the Lord to pick us up when we are down. He is so simple and always ready to answer CEP questions just like everybody else without attempting to know it more than anybody else. Rev Dr T B served the Lord with passion and for most of us, he remains our mentor, our icon , our resolve to  serve just as he did and bring more souls to the Lord. Pastor!! Papa Nii says Yaa Woo Ojogban! Daa Yie! Fare thee Well!

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