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Like many International Christian Students across Africa, we also interacted with Bro TB Dankwa when he came to Botswana in the early 1990s. It was an experience never to forget. The student Christian movement was going through a stormy and violent transition and instead of fueling the flame I can still remember him, as yesterday, saying “God will raise another crop of students”. Indeed, as time evolved history was rewritten at the University of Botswana – that breed of students were born and embraced IFES. Intercollege Christian Movement of Botswana is currently a member of the IFES family to God’s glory. No words can explain the depth of Bro TB Dankwa’s warmth, kindness, love, maturity, patience, wisdom, understanding, and singleness of heart he showed towards God’s work. He wanted to see many university students have a platform to preach the gospel and have a relationship with the Lord as they pursue their academics. I guess Bro TB Dankwa knew from the depth of his heart that this life we live is but a short chapter that requires a longer and permanent chapter to be started and lived. That’s how I saw Bro TB at a personal level. Till we meet again, rest in the Lord.

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