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  I am among the hundreds of university Christian students that Bro TB Dankwa welcomed and ministered to in the early 1970s across campuses in Ghana. Moving from high school Scripture Union to University Christian Fellowship (Chrife) was a great leap of a mixed bag for many students. For example, there were those who embraced the campus freedom and said goodbye to all SU beliefs and tendencies; as well as those who found the SU beliefs not satisfying and needed some more powerful teachings befitting intellectuals. Hence, started indulging in other spiritual and philosophical activities including all kinds of groups and meditations. But by the mercy of God, many of us who braved it to join GHAFES under your Leadership are very grateful we did despite the numerous distractions to derail us. Several things run into one’s mind while starting university – “I am a university student busy cracking my mind studying all kinds of subjects so that soon I will have a profession, a career; perhaps have a husband and some children. How am I going to cope with all these; and how does my acceptance of Christ fit into all of them?” Thank you, Bro TB that under your overall leadership and management, you championed through the numerous campus fellowships, the need for teaching and studying Biblical Truths, balancing Biblical teachings with intellectual and cultural challenges, and developing a mission mindset in sharing the gospel and living it out in our lives. At the end of my first year at the Legon campus, by God’s grace, I had made up my mind – no TURNING BACK on JESUS. I joined Legon Outreach to go out and share the gospel. Two areas stand out of the several lessons I learned from Chrife: that my mind matters – I need to approach spiritual issues intellectually; and that my acceptance of the Biblical truth should be lived daily in all aspects of my life. Interestingly, since the 70s I have always associated these books with you. Paul Little’s Know What You Believe and Know Why You Believe; Frank Morison’s Who Moved the Stone; and John Stott’s Christ the Controversialist. I got to know you a bit less formally when I served with you as a member of the Senior Advisory Council for GHAFES. We were able in the small group, to chat among ourselves before and after meetings. But knowing you on a more personal level came in Botswana. As a regional Travelling Secretary for Africa, it was impossible for you to visit your thousands of students in their homes. I think I am among the few who got such an opportunity. In the early 1990s, my family was very privileged to host you in our home in Botswana. You were there to support Peter and the brave brethren (Boipelo Lucia Seitlhamo, Daphne Keboneilwe, Phemelo Moleofe, Manzini Macholo, Tony & Maitlamo Modise, Julian Letlole) who were laying the foundation for a national Christian movement for university and tertiary students in Botswana. Your efforts were not in vain and today, the Intercollege Christian Movement of Botswana is operational in Jesus’ Name. Despite the tense environment at that time that demanded prayer meetings, talks, counselling, etc, I got to know you not as a Preacher or a Speaker at a Conference but rather as a brother and friend. It was quite interesting and pleasing to observe how you felt free (at home) with us as if you have stayed with us for months – seeing you going to the kitchen and helping yourselves with whatever you wanted; sitting and eating together with the family and having jokes, amusing the kids (oh the fun with the drumsticks!) etc. It was simply lovely. Thank you for your humility and sense of humour. Hosting you was very relaxing and pleasant. Botswana marked the beginning of a long friendship with you. Praise God you and Sister Virginia were in Ghana in 2018. We were honoured to have you attend our 40th wedding anniversary.  Little did we know that we were saying our goodbyes to you Bro TB. Yes, the tears are flowing but we do not mourn like those without hope. To Sister Virginia and the rest of the family, may the Holy Spirit Himself comfort you. Well done Bro TB, good and faithful servant of the Lord. Your crown is waiting for you, and it is glittering with the gems of the thousands of students you nurtured to stand up for Jesus in all their spheres of life. Go well Bro TB to the Lord you loved and shared.  

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