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I had the privilege of meeting T.B. Dankwa in 1984, the year I was stationed in Kenya with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (I.F.E.S.). T.B. was a Travelling Regional Secretary with IFES for all of Africa at that time.   I most appreciate how T.B. always encouraged us to be grounded in the “basics” of the Christian life. He kept reminding us/me of the importance of: inductive Bible Study, daily devotions in Scripture, expositional preaching of the Scriptures, the centrality of prayer, sharing your faith with those around you, how one’s relationship with Christ is what really matters. Though we would edifyingly talk about many other matters together, it was this exhortation emphasis never to stray from the basics that sticks in my mind as I recall being with T.B.   I also learned from his example of loving his family! He was very much a family man who cared very much for his wife and children, and always made them a priority in his life. I was single at the time, and his example was a sober and helpful preparation for me as I contemplated the serious calling of marriage on my own life.   T.B. kept in touch with me over the last nearly 40 years as well, writing me emails regularly that either celebrated my wedding anniversary, or birthday, or just a quick encouragement in the faith.   I had hoped to see him again in this life…but now I must wait until I see him again in heaven!

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