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What an honor to have known such a great man and his family!  I spent one year with T.B., 1984, in Kenya.  I was volunteering with I.F.E.S. and T.B. was then the Regional Secretary.   What I most appreciate is how T.B. was always committed to the BASICS of the Christian faith.  Solid inductive Bible Study and expositional preaching.  Prayer.   The centrality of seeing Jesus as the Lord of our lives.  Discipleship as obedience to the Lord as understood in Scripture.  Though even some of our best churches have gotten away from the basics, T.B. would always insist that we be grounded here.   I’m thankful, too, for how well he loved his family (quite an example for me, a single man at the time).  It was clear that his wife and kids were a strong priority in his life, and he spoke of them with great pride!   And even though we have not seen each other for 38 years, T.B. would regularly email me, sending birthday and anniversary greetings, or just general notes of encouragement.   I can’t wait to see him again in heaven!  

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